The first step towards your new home begins with you. 

1. Project Consultation. 

After our first phone conversations we will organise to meet you in person and learn about your dream. Starting at our office at Studio 11 in Kiama we will get to know you and your lifestyle whilst reviewing any plans or ideas that you have. We will then meet you at some of our current construction projects so you can see our workmanship in action. At this time, we will also be able to show you various finishes and design styles on a real site.

2. Site Inspection.

Now that we have a better understanding of your needs, we will meet you onsite at your land so that we can review the plans and understand the concept in the real world. At this time, we will also be reviewing the location to understand what we’ll need to know when building your house. 

3. Proposal

Once you’ve provided the information that we’ve requested, we will put together a proposal and price based on everything we know about the project. A major benefit of custom builds is that you have the opportunity to adjust things whilst you see your house come to life. For this reason, we don’t provide fixed price contracts, however we clearly outline any variables so that there aren’t any surprises. Your pricing proposal will be composed of:

Fixed Price Allowances: Based on the design there are things that we can lock in prices for. These items have been quoted by our suppliers and trades and are not subject to rise or fall unless the plans are changed.

Provisional Sum Allowances: A provisional sum allowance is an allowance made for an item that has not yet been specified by you. This allowance is an estimate to cover the materials and installation for items such as fittings, fixtures and flooring. We base this allowance on our industry knowledge and the information provided by you.

Prime Cost Allowance: This is also an allowance made for an item that is yet to be specified by you. However this allowance is for the item only, we’ve already included labour costs for installation in the fixed price portion of your quote.

4. Planning

Now that you’ve contracted us to build your home (we use the industry standard HIA contract so you’re fully protected) we will present you with a project plan. This plan will include details of the various milestones within the project, including timelines for when you’ll need to provide us with details of fittings and finishes.  We utilise online project management tools so that you can be kept informed throughout the build.

It is at this stage that we’ll liaise with your Architect to organise Engineering Reports, Development Approvals and Home Warranty Insurance. Once this has all been completed we’ll also advise you of planned completion dates so you’ll know when you can move in. 

5. The Build

The most exciting part of the entire project is when you begin to see your dream come to life. Your site will be managed with Safety and Sustainability foremost whilst our talented builders and trades get to work. We will speak with you regularly and meet you onsite for continuous feedback to ensure you’re happy with the end result. Our online project management tools will also be there to show progress and keep you informed on key dates. We’ll always give you plenty of notice when decisions on finishes, fittings, and fixtures need to be made to keep the project running on time.

6. Handover

As the house nears completion, we will spend time with you reviewing our workmanship and asking you to sign off on the build. Our priority is ensuring you love your new home, so your feedback is welcome. When complete, your house is professionally cleaned and we hand you your keys. Post build we will still be available for any finishing touches that were missed prior to handover.