Sustainable building by Lime Building Group
Lime Building Jamberoo, Gerringong, Berry and Kiama

We all do what we can to help save our environment. As a building company we have a strict policy regarding our waste. We make sure that we maximise recycling opportunities for all waste materials. Site preparation and maintenance in order to protect our waterways is also very important to us.

Lime Building Group Sustainability

Lime Building Group has been lucky enough to build a number of homes with sustainable features such as solar power, solar hydronic heating, solar hot water, grey water recycling systems, rain harvesting systems, water tanks and low E glazing. For more information on options for your house see Sustainable household Index

In 2004 the Government made it law to meet at least the minimum guidelines in BASIX to use during the design stage and then construction to help make houses more energy efficient. For more information go to Basix Info

There are many ways to include sustainable features in your project. Water is one that’s a BASIX requirement. For things to consider go to Water Savings

Also for your hot water solutions see Hot Water

Solar systems can often be expensive so, by making provision for future installation during construction, installation of the systems at a later date will be easy and neat. See more at Solar Info and Rebates

Natural Gas produces 75% less greenhouse gases than electricity so it’s worth looking at as an option. For more information see Gas Rebates

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