Lime Building Group was born beside the ocean and is dedicated to maintaining the beauty of the South Coast. We strive to keep sustainability at front of mind when we plan each build because this approach and commitment is not only good for the environment it's good for business. 

Sustainability is about more than just design. Truly sustainable building also requires dedication by the builder to source materials responsibly, minimise wastage and recycle where possible. 

We have been lucky enough to build a number of homes with sustainable features such as solar power, solar hydronic heating, solar hot water, grey water recycling systems, rain harvesting systems, water tanks and low E glazing. We are constantly following industry trends and follow best practice. A very close relationship with suppliers means we are always aware of the new and exciting materials and products that are constantly coming to market.

Our Approach

By focusing on the basics with a constant eye for detail, we maximise the sustainability of each project through the following initiatives:

  • Site Preparation and maintenance means we manage litter and waste runoff to protect the surrounding environment and waterways.
  • High Quality materials are used which means they last longer and therefore reduce waste.
  • High Quality Workmanship means your house will be more efficient and use less energy.
  • Left over materials are either returned to our suppliers or stored at our warehouse for future use on a later project.
  • A new carpentry and machine shop allows us to re-build, re-use, recycle and re-purpose a range of materials into quality fittings and features.